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Are you tired of trying to “assemble” your place from different shots in Pinterest? Maybe you feel it is time to enjoy your comfortable chair in your new “home” instead of dreaming infront of pictures of impossible big dwellings at Instagram? Or you just want not only to love your job, but to love your workplace. Maybe you can get your employees stay overtime for free because they do not want to get home?

I am here to help to control the chaos at home, to create the perfect place for you by creating a comfortable, beautiful and easy-to-maintain space that will not let you be ashamed if unannounced guests come.

My job is to et know what you like and you are searching for, what your needs are, to synchronize everything and to implement it with the “space” we have.

It is a Fact that everyone would like a huge living room with a fireplace in the middle of the room, with a library larger than the “National” one and friendly kitchen with a giant island and a dining room for twelve people, but usually we do not have the right basis for all of these. My goal, however, is to make everything possible to make you feel your home in this way and, most importantly, with to call it “own” with pride.

With my long (12+) experience in the field of art and design, I can not boast as my colleagues with 5000+ projects per year, but I can boast an individual approach and maintain close contact with each of my clients. The next time you go to pay your water bill, know that Sofiyska Voda’s design offices are result of my work, and if you go to renew your insurance or to bring money to Allianz Bank (Bulgaria), do not be angry if they are closed – this is because they are fulfilling my proposal.
I have a number of residential and corporate clients in my portfolio, some of which have been shown in the media, as well as winning awards from domestic and international competitions. If you are, however, of the clients for whom education is important, I can say that I have a bachelor’s degree – NBU and two master degree courses at NBU and at the National Academy of Arts in the field of interior and advertising design, and from 2012 onwards I am the owner and lecturer at the Arts and Design School “ArtdeIv”.


My abilities

The skills of the interior designer are not limited to making a beautiful picture project, but first to get into the minds of each occupant, to see their way of life and then to analyze what each person needs.

Apart from design and visualization, over the years, the interior studio has also been involved in the realization of the projects. All pledged goods, consumables, and project materials can be found and / or executed by our team.









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